Laboratory Management

Oriel provides tailored solutions for the automation of laboratory process: .


Oriel operates a proven platform for laboratory management, that has been used in base station and handset product testing, in R&D projects and in mobile operator networks enabling them to:

Automate regression and release testing through-out the product cycle
Simplify and accelerate automation process
Standardise test processes and reporting functions
Enhance data management procedures
Provide a common substrate to test all network elements on the same platform
Have an evolving system that will meet future requirements




Commercial Benefits:

Justification for deploying a new system will be expressed in terms of Return On Investment (ROI):

Achieving 24/7 testing capability
Optimisation of key resources (equipment and personnel)
Improved time to market for products and services
Reduced reliance on legacy systems

Fixed cost outsource of system development and maintenance



Systems can be developed to deliver individual laboratory requirements by consultation. Objectives include providing a broad access toolset that provide data and MI for a range of users:

Product Managers
R&D verification teams
Post delivery support


us to discuss outsourcing your automation requirements on the following basis:

Rolling lease contract
Fixed project period
Enterprise wide solution