Oriel is an independent consulting laboratory that provides mobile infrastructure services.

5G We are currently active in: Over the air testing, Active antennas and beamforming, NR standardisation for FR2, mmWave testing, VRAN implementation, 5G Radio system integration, Data Analytics

System Design and Integration

Oriel has Experience in communication systems with mobile, space and military applications

Current Hardware and software system design assignments:

  • Pre-studies
  • Implementation proposals
  • Execution support for development

This is being used in a 5G context to help deliver:

  • mmWave and OTA methods and standardisation
  • Broadband and multiband AAS
  • Technology donor solutions for AAS:
    • Self calibration schemes
    • Soft redundancy (algorithms to re optimise antenna in the event of element failure)
    • Co-existence with interference


Oriel provides test capabilities for the whole R&D cycle

Oriel is currently working with:

  • OTA standardisation - particularly with NR FR2
  • OTA measurement techniques
  • Radio performance testing
  • Type Approval support
  • Functional verification of RAN and 5G UE’s
  • First Office Approvals with operators


World class OTA facilities in the UK

Facilities include:

  • 4.5m Spherical OTA chamber in 11m x 13m x 17m internally >100dB shielding
  • 26m Cylindrical OTA test facility
  • Linear OTA array chamber

High security site, UK location

Laboratory Management

Oriel provides tailored solutions for the automation of laboratory process

Human Resources

Oriel supplies senior technical experience in mobile, space and military communication projects.


Oriel supply and operate platforms for laboratory management that have been proven in base station and handset product testing, in R&D projects and in MNO testbeds.

Data Visualisation and Analytics

Oriel is active in a range of data centric initiatives in the mobile industry:

Current Oriel initiatives with OEM clients:

  • Data analytics proof of concept and technical leadership IEEE paper
  • Hardware database for 80m records, 10,000 users per day.

Other projects:

  • London - High risk asset monitoring - cloud based IOT alarm and analysis tools
  • UK - Asset visualisation and propagation modelling
  • Global - UE based application, currently servicing 500,000+ instances

Contact Us

Oriel Laboratories Limited Innovation Centre St. Cross Business Park Newport Isle of Wight PO30 5WB United Kingdom


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